According to a 2018 report from the InfoSec Institute, CTOs in the financial sector earn around $200,000, while e-commerce CTOs earn around $76,000. More than other executive role, the responsibilities given to the CTO largely depend on the type of company. If a CEO is a part-owner of a corporation, the board of directors can demand that she meet certain job expectations, and if the CEO fails to do so, the board of directors can vote to fire her. Also, a CEO who isn’t an owner can decide to terminate the founder of a company if the board of directors agrees.

They choose a development approach, workflow philosophy, and plan or check project budgets together with the assigned project manager. CTOs in a mid-sized and small companies are usually the most skilled tech specialist in a team. This rule changes if we are speaking about a large enterprise, where the CTO has more management-related tasks and fewer practical engineering-related duties. As you may find from the paragraph above, the bigger the company is, the more soft skills and management experience become valuable for a CTO. Here, we would like to list some of the must-have skills required for the position.

what is a cto position

Though not mandatory, it’s a good idea for a startup CTO to have previous experience working in a startup environment. Representing the startup extends to engaging in speaking opportunities, conferences, and even appearing in written publications to showcase the company and its work. To save time, attract qualified candidates and hire the best employees. While some CTOs may not have a degree, but most CTOs are required to have a bachelors or master’s degree. While BAU does not offer its own on-campus housing, we have established relationships with apartments in the D.C. One thing is guaranteed, you will not miss a single thing on-campus housing offers. Learn to navigate emergencies, execute strategies, and optimize systems with the competencies within this specialty MBA.

The main role of the CTO is to take charge of the company’s technical needs. Most often, the position of the CTO is confused with that of the CIO and CEO. While much of the CTO’s duties will focus on customer-centric technology initiatives, skills such as negotiation are also critical. A CTO can expect to manage vendors, meet the needs of external key stakeholders, and occasionally work with clients or customers directly. A solid grasp on organizational behavior and team management facilitates success. Like all executive-level professionals, a CTO will read reports and business documents, make financial decisions regarding resource allocation, and use metrics to track the success of an initiative.

Top Priorities For Cto

Ensuring the company is equipped with the appropriate technological resources for both short and long-term purposes. This soft skill is also complemented by a CTO’s inclination to be flexible. 2020 taught us that this was perhaps the most important quality a business could have. I’ve worked for newspapers, magazines and various online platforms as both a writer and copy editor.

what is a cto position

They should be experienced with handling large or multiple departments and investigating and implementing cutting-edge technology. As the role of a CTO changes according to the stage of that company’s life-cycle, we’ll briefly detail how a CTOs responsibilities may change. People & negotiation skills and mentoring – For their departments to run effectively, the CTO should know their employees’ strengths and weaknesses and how to get the best out of the.

Cto Salary: How Much Do They Make?

However, whenever it comes to hiring senior management, startup founders usually find hiring relatively more difficult than hiring individuals and teams of developers. In the latter case, most businesses are able to build sustainable, long-term developer teams through software development partnerships .

what is a cto position

They should understand what particular skills and capabilities the development team needs and how to identify these in potential hires. A CTO should be able to communicate with senior leadership, technical teams, customers, vendors, and other departmental employees and convenience them why they all should believe in his or her vision and help execute it. A CTO is the focal point of the leadership and the technical people. A CTO creates a strategy and planning to execute with a vision and provides business leadership an efficient solution and get the approval of budget to hire resources.

A CTO needs to have the technological expertise and a keen business sense to be successful in a leadership role. A master’s program that focuses on the technical area of business administration, such as an online cybersecurity master’s, can help students develop skills in management-related areas, such as accounting and finance. A chief technology officer is a top executive that oversees the entire information technology department and is responsible for integrating business needs and requirements into IT planning and operations. It’s important to distinguish their role from that of chief information officers , whose job description focuses on the technologies that run a business internally by managing its infrastructure. A chief technical officer or chief technology officer is an executive position whose holder is focused on scientific and technical issues within an organization. Let’s make it simpler – the primary job of the CTO is to make sure the company’s technology strategy serves its business strategy. The CTO’s responsibility is to lead the whole technology or engineering department.


The CIO’s main goal is using their managerial skills to hone how effective the company is, whereas the CTO takes the role of improving efficiency for a large group of engineers or IT specialists. In this sense, the CTO is not usually an officer but more of a manager with an internal support role for the systems and architecture of a large company. A Chief Technical Officer helps bridge the gap between C-level executive decision-making and technical knowledge of the product, systems, and architecture. In general, chief technology officer responsibilities the chief executive officer is considered the highest ranking officer in a company, and the president is second in charge. However, in corporate governance and structure, many permutations can take place, so the roles of both CEO and president may be different, depending on the company. The responsibilities of a CTO typically revolve more around strategic planning, development of technology and service design. Leadership skills to lead, manage, guide and set directions for the tech teams in the company.

  • The Chief Technology Officer needs to mould them into a customer-centric operation, focused on what the market wants ahead of what they think is cool and fun to build.
  • He has multiple development teams that work on the enhancement of the product under his command.
  • In short, a Chief Technical Officer connects the technical details of a product to the rigors of corporate decision-making.
  • Researching and discovering new technologies that can be implemented to accelerate work processes.
  • CTO not only keeps an eye on new technologies but also provides all necessary resources and guidance to its teams to learn and adopt new technologies.

The CTO also creates policies and procedures that leverage technology to enhance products and services delivered to external customers. These executives, in many cases working in collaboration with CIOs, are oftentimes at the forefront of innovative technology products and services.

How To Become A Chief Technology Officer

Likewise, many CTOs start out as engineers in their chosen field, working their way up the ranks. Becoming a complete strategist who, thanks to daily contact with all areas, manages a low-conflict company is a goal for almost everybody. The Chief Technology Officer can’t stop here, however, because he or she oversees the complete roadmap of all the services and products in a company’s portfolio. It also may be down to the fact that you need other people to be part of the development process.

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Zavvie names Amazon veteran to CTO position.

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The top three challenges of a CTO are managing talent, innovation, and project priorities. A startup can’t afford to think in three or five-year cycles as their limited resources don’t allow them that privilege. Whether a company will ‘make it or break it’ often boils down to whether something new is being brought to the table. Properly representing a startup as a CTO is a well-rounded process. It demands a fairly active involvement across the public spaces where the company has relevance. With the right talent in place, a startup can build a great MVP, attract investors, and create a product that delights end-users.

What Are Some Of The Key Issues That Cross A Chief Technology Officer’s Radar?

This category includes CTOs, who are becoming increasingly desirable in corporate leadership. The ability to solve conflicts is one of the most recognized qualities of a leader’s management skills. The CTO is a leader indeed, so must excel in this aspect of the role, as well as in many other essential areas often referred to as ‘soft skills’. That maybe suppliers who are reliant on your software, or who give you software. For those suppliers that give you software or software that you use you need to understand their road map and their development processes and their reliability. You need to set aside some time to understand the latest trends in technology and be able to drill down and see the wood for the trees. This enables you to make an educated selection and decision on whether to incorporate new technologies, rather than jumping on a headline or bandwagon.

In this article, we learned what a CTO is, what a CTO does, and how to become a CTO. A CTO can’t lead a technology division unless he or she can think and have a broad vision of either adopting new technologies or creating own solutions. Today, innovation and first to adopt and introduce could make a difference in business growth. Strategy planning is one of the biggest job of a CTO that includes creating new products, adopting new technologies, their costs and resources, and putting this all together with a team and even hiring a team.

CTO duties differ at every stage according to the changing dynamics of a startup. Doors will open here and there for you as your reputation is acknowledged—those are opportunities for you to reap what you sow. So, at every stage of your career, when a door opens to accept greater responsibilities, take it. The CIO will make rules to try and reign in the CTO, and make their behaviors more efficient and align with the business goals. Their strategies come at a conflict of interests, but the tension between the two is what helps increase innovation in the organization. CIOs and CTOs have different strategies of success for their jobs. Let’s take a look at the difference between CIO and CTO roles as well as whether your company should employ one or both.

The ideal person for this role will have the requisite experience, skills, passion and leadership capabilities necessary to drive continued rapid and profitable growth for our Company. As a member of the Executive Leadership Team, the CTO will play a key role in establishing the technology vision and lead the Company’s technological innovation directx and development. The CTO will recommend and implement the technical strategy roadmap that will align with company business goals and objectives in support of continuing growth. Your experience includes executive leadership roles demonstrating a track record of technology innovation, design, development, and implementation.